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Tune up kit for Hall of Fame Classic in LAS VEGAS!!!!  Free Balls for 1 week only!

Special is over, now you just get 1 free ball

So, here it comes, a Tornado Foosball Event.  Your table is nice, but if you go to the event and you have not been practicing with new balls, new handles, new bumpers, new bearings and fresh pins, you are in for a nasty surprise.  Well we put a kit together for you, 5 different levels of kits actually.  These kits are minimalist, so make sure you get what you want or need.  You may need to order a couple other parts to supplement your order as again, these kits are designed to be the minimum you would need for the identified purpose.  We have Goalie Practice, Forward Practice, Forward Play, Table Play and the Grande.  It is assumed your table is in pretty good shape.  If you need men or playfield trim, get that as extra.

Each kit has different quantities of these 5 essential parts, plus some silicone made from the finest silicone springs in Canada (BS).  Please read the notes below about parts replacement if you are new to it or if you maybe want a little reminder.  Also we have an excellent table maintenance section in the foosball university, check it out if you feel it might help.
You need fresh handles on the rods you shoot from.  A new handle is tough on the hand so you need to get used to it.  If you are using an older style of handle, you simply MUST GET THE NEW HANDLE!  Keep your best handles for spares and be careful when you put on a new handle, they can splinter, use your punch to guide the pin in. (You do have a punch, right?)
You need to practice shooting and passing with new fuzzy balls.  They are slow, and stub, and hard to shoot and sticky.  But, if you practice with them, you will grow to LOVE THEM.

HINT:  Practice with 2 of them and save 1 for the last couple days so it is fresh!  Clean you table and especially the bumpers to get the slime off the table to keep the balls clean longer.

New bearings are not all that smoother then old ones can be, but they act a certain way.  If you need new rods you better get them too.  We are sending you bearings for the top and bottom of the HANDLE side only.  The far bearings are not that important.

HINT:  Save the best of the old ones and put them on the other rods.  Test the bearings to put the best ones down and do not over tighten them.

Bumpers are a must.  People overlook these to their pain.  A new bumper is actually wider and much less squishy.  It will cause you to miss passes and you will also not block the same way with new bumpers.  They can also grab on dead men shots.

HINT:  Save the good old bumpers, chuck any broken ones.  Never slide bumpers around on the rod, it ruins them, and gently clean your bumpers of excess lube.

Pins:  If you do not know why you need new, strong pins, you are going to have real trouble at a Foosball Major anyway so simply learn to enjoy the game because winning is not going to be your problem.  Pins need to be strong, not squishy.  You need to have the right feel to shoot crisp shots.

PS:  Yes, you could buy the kit for the discount on the parts, we don't mind!!!  Don't bother asking for substitutions, this aint no Burger King!

Tuneup Forward Practice 1
Tune Up Kit, Two Forwards Playing, 2
Tuneup Kit for Goalie Area, 3
Sale: $25.71
Sale: $49.67
Sale: $21.71
Tuneup Kit Whole Table 4
Tuneup Kit GRANDE 5
Sale: $91.34
Sale: $124.43
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