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Thick Masterwraps, Thick Thickness, High Tackiness Wrap
Thin Masterwraps, Thin Thickness, High Tackiness Wrap

Masterwraps have risen to become a leader in overwrap sports grips!

Founded more than 10 years ago by top rated (Master) foosball professionals to meet the the unique demands of tournament foosball, it's still going strong and being sought after for use in other applications from Tennis to Fishing

The Super Durable fabric base makes this .75mm wrap thin yet very durable for tournament play where you have to constantly move your wraps between tables.

This is the top used brand/style overwrap on tour and a preferred grip of foosers of the warehouse!...
...We throw in a reusable wrap band to hold the grip in place.


A thinner version of popular Masterwraps handle overgrip...

Average Durability, .60 Thickness, Made and USED by the top tour Pro Masters!...
...We throw in a reusable wrap band to hold the grip in place.

These are thinner and less durable than the standard MasterWrap. So if you want to end up with a smaller diameter handle. Try these.

They do not have the fabric base like the standard ones.. but have a very High Tackiness for a great grip!

Thin Masterwraps - Thin Thickness, High Tackiness Sticky Wrap
Thin Masterwraps - Thin Thickness, High Tackiness Eraser Wrap
Made of a less stretchy, semi-perforated thin material that is ultra sticky. Suited for dry hands but can absorb some sweat.

Less stretch than in our thin grips and more tacky to the touch. Longer lasting with clean dry hands
Eraser says it all, has that grip feel but not sticky, making it best suited for dry hands. Allows easy hand adjustment without losing traction. Use on any type of handle such as tennis, foosball and more.

Semi-perforated, less sticky, good traction with a softer feel for dry hands.
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