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Jims Section

Serious Foosers & Club Foosers
Whether you compete locally (or plan to), compete on tour, or need a table for heavy duty use at the office or club - consider these top picks!
Our top picks for this category represent the industries most durable units and the sports most playable tables.  They are all professional quality tables with some variation in their signature playing characteristics.  Check your local competition scene since you'll want to practice on what you compete on.  Otherwise consider the top pick that matches your preferred playing style.

Tornado Cyclone II

Top Pick
Tornado defines the American "hard court" style of play.  Tornado stands out as one of the fastest playing tables.  A power foosers dream.  Great control beneath the rod for awesome pulls/pushes, kick shots and don't forget the power rollover front pin.
Shelti Pro Foos II
Top Pick

The Shelti line of tables features a hybrid playing characteristic that combines the beneath the rod control and power style of the American tables, with a man/ball/surface combination that allows for excellent European style backpins and frontpins.

Bonzini B90

Top Pick

Bonzini defines the French "clay court" style of play.  The metal foot, cork ball and linoleum surface makes for the one of the most pinnable tables out there.  Extreme wrist front pins are the signature shot on this table.
Home Foosers or New Foosers
For consumers looking to a quality table that will keep challenging the kids (& parents) long after they move beyond the spinning stages.

Shelti Pro Foos

Top Pick

Top Pick: Our emphasis on picking a top table for home foosers centers around playability.   Being serious foosers we cannot stress enough the importance of getting a unit that will let you have the ability to control, maneuver, pass and shoot the ball.  With so many poor quality tables flooding the market, take care to get a table which allows new players to move beyond the spinning toy game and get real life long enjoyment from your purchase.    
Playability: Excellent – The Shelti man/ball/surface combination results in phenomenal ball control. The Shelti man features an oversized sweet spot making this one of easiest tables to learn on. If you want to develop your skills to the fullest, Shelti’s playability will let you develop every shot in the book! 
Durability: Excellent – Shelti uses high quality MDF in the construction of all their Pro Foos series tables – including the Pro Foos. Their 1” sidewall stands out in the crowd of other home tables which use particle board on their 1” cabinets. It features the same durable playing components that you’ll find on the professional and commercial Shelti Pro Foos tables..


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